Use cases include radio broadcasting, emergency alerts, and educational content delivery. 


Radio Broadcasting

Like traditional FM radio braodcasting, Outernet delivers audio content directly to Outernet receivers 

Emergency Management and Disaster Relief

During times of disaster - when reliable communication is most important - terrestrial telecommunication systems are prone to fail. When these networks go down, Outernet's broadcast persists.

We provide a secure information channel for first responders while maintaining an open access platform for the general public. 

On-Demand Video 

Video files are downloaded by receivers and saved for later viewing.


Information access is an essential ingredient for socioeconomic development in the 21st century, yet over 40% of the humanity does not have access to the wealth of knowledge found on the internet.

Courseware in many formats (ebooks, videos, apps) can be accessed through Outernet. These educational services are accessible to all - from children learning to read to adults learning to code.

Interactive Weather Data

 Outernet delivers real-time interactive weather maps to even the most remote areas.

File Delivery

Outernet broadcasts a wide array of multi-media content. Anything that is saved on a hard drive can be broadcast through Outernet.

Outernet's mission is to build a universal information service; a truly pervasive multi-media service that operates in the most remote places and functions even when nothing else does.