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Outernet Credits

Outernet Credits

$ 10.00

With Outernet Credits, users can send messages via twitter (and twitter-over-sms) to be broadcast over Outernet. These messages are received by all the Outernet receivers globally.

In addition, users can submit content URLs to be shared over Outernet.

This is a fun way to support Outernet, and participate in sharing useful content across the globe!

How Credits Work:

  • For any of this to work, the requesting twitter id should first follow "@OuternetForAll".
  • If you just started following @OuternetForAll, there might be upto a 15-minute delay in the system recognizing it. Just wait.
  • Credits can currently be used for making content requests over twitter
  • You can either #broadcast a message (to the Messaging app) and/or #request a url to be crawled and shared as a file, over Outernet.
  • To broadcast a message simply tweet a message that includes the hashtags "#outernet" and "#broadcast" and your message. For example: "Hey all, checkout the latest from #outernet, global file broadcaster #broadcast"
  • To request a url, tweet a message that includes the hashtags "#outernet" and "#request" along with your message and url. For example: "The new #outernet Dreamcatcher! #request"
  • The message will be sent to the Messaging app.
  • The url will be crawled, content cleaned-up and shared to the "Community Content/Requests" folder.
  • Currently, each #broadcast message consumes 10 credits.
  • For #requests, in addition to the 10 credits for the message, the shared content consumes 5 credits per 1000 bytes (or part) of content. Content is automatically cleaned to minimize transfer and credit usage.
  • Messages are generally queued up within 5 to 6 minutes. Actual reception might be delayed if there is a large new file going out over the carousel.
  • Requested files are entered into a queue, and you will receive a reply with approximate delay expected. File size is limited to 50KB, uncompressed - after cleanup.
  • When Credits are used, you will receive a DM over twitter detailing the credit usage and remaining credit balance.
  • Please note that these charges do not cover the actual cost of the bandwidth.


  • If there is no credit use for a continuous 30-day period, 100 credits will expire for every such period.
  • Credits can not be refunded.
  • Any abuse may result in credits being forfeited.
  • Commercial use is not allowed - if you want to use the Outernet system commercially, please talk to us.
  • Content shared should be of general interest - encoded/encrypted, one-to-one, private/semi-private messaging/sharing is not ok.
  • All requested broadcasts are on best-effort basis. Reception at a particular time and/or place cannot be guaranteed.