Dreamcatcher Circuit Board

Dreamcatcher Circuit Board

Dreamcatcher Circuit Board

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This is the latest version of the Dreamcatcher satellite data radio. This device can download directly from Ku-band satellites when used with a bare LNB, which acts as both a frequency down converter and antenna. Although this data radio is able to download at over 100 kbps, actual download speeds are limited by the broadcast channel. Beginning in March of 2021, the free-to-receive data broadcast will operate at 2 kbps. 

This product is in active development, so certain components may change in the future. The device consists of the following: 

Processor: Espressif ESP32-S2
Wifi: ESP32-S2
Diseqc IC: Texas Instruments TPS-65235
LoRa transceiver: SX1281
3.3V regulator: Microchip MIC5353YMT
And one green LED

The ESP32-S2 WROVER module includes a microstrip antenna for wifi, as well as 4 MB of storage. About 1 MB of storage will be dedicated to firmware and another 1 MB will be allocated to firmware updates. Approximately 1 MB of storage will be set aside for receiving files, in the event that no microSD card is present. 

The TPS-65235 provides 14V to power a standard LNB. 

The firmware and schematic is available on Github: 


Production of the new Dreamcatcher should begin in November 2021.

The Othernet data broadcast will restart in March of 2021.

Coverage across the United States and parts of Canada is provided through SES-2, located at 87W. 

Coverage across Europe is provided through Eutelsat 8W.