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How Lighthouse Works

Lighthouse receives a one-way data multicast from Outernet's network of 3 geostationary satellites. Once a file is received, Lighthouse stores it on an internal drive. These files can then be viewed with any browser, on any Wi-Fi enabled device, by connecting to the Lighthouse's WiFi hotspot. You can preview the Outernet experience here.

Outernet does not provide Internet access. Lighthouse does NOT provide email, messaging, or any other two-way or live services, nor does it allow access to arbitrary websites. 

Lighthouse requires an external satellite dish, coax cable, and LNB. If you are in the United States, you can buy a 90 cm Ku-band dish from us, otherwise you can buy one locally, or convert a DIRECTV Slimline dish.

Free Access to Information

Lighthouse is perfect for locations where Internet access does not exist or is too expensive, slow, unreliable, or limited.

  • Low-resource schools - a library of free educational content, news, and updated curricular material for students and teachers.
  • Refugee camps - a hub to distribute news and critical information to those who need it the most.
  • Remote health centers - a source of high-quality training and up-to-date medical information for health care workers serving vulnerable, isolated populations.
  • At Home - a place to receive and store free music, video, and ebooks.

Need more information? Read more about Lighthouse here.

Lighthouse specifications:

  • Comes with a serial cable and an A/C power supply
  • 4GB of internal storage / or upgrade to 32GB with microSD card
  • 3 USB ports for adding external storage
  • Dimensions: approx. 7"x 5.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight (with power source): 13 oz
  • Shipped weight: 1 lb 4 oz
  • Power source: Outlet 12 V / 2 A
  • WiFi Range: 50 ft
  • 5 devices can connect to WiFi at once (can be increased with a dongle or WiFi router)
  • Not Included: Requires a Ku-Band satellite dish, LNB, and coax cable. You can buy one from us, buy one locally.

Please check Outernet coverage in your area. Your locale's coverage and recommended dish size can be checked using the links below. 

You may purchase a 90 cm Ku-band dish in our store, which will provide sufficient service in many areas. Dishes may also be purchased locally.

"Give a Lighthouse, Get a Lighthouse"

Our Partners:
Source IT Solutions (Malawi)
Source IT Solutions has installed a dozen Outernet receivers in schools, homes, and gathering places around Malawi. Led by Carl Meyer, they are pioneering ways to connect disconnected areas to critical information. Carl often combines Outernet with another device, Keepod, which provides a low cost hardware solution to access Outernet information. Source IT Solutions was recently profiled on the BBC. Read more about how they use Outernet here.
Mozilla Uganda (Uganda)
Mozilla Uganda is a not-for-profit, non-government organization based in Uganda. They work to overcome major challenges affecting Uganda and East Africa, including barriers to access information and technology, digital illiteracy, and lack of resources to nurture innovation.

Mozilla Uganda has conducted various activities over the past five years including hackathons, localization sprints, train-the-trainer activities, Firefox Flicks contests, webmaker trainings and school tours and most recently the Mozilla Festival East Africa attracting participants from all over the globe.

Through these activities, they have been able to reach over 10,000 participants with their digital literacy campaigns, have trained over 600 webmaker mentors, 175 super webmaker mentors and covered all major schools and universities within Kampala and the neighboring districts. They have also localized the Firefox web browser to Luganda and Acholi. Read more about how they use Outernet here.

Please visit our Wiki to compare Lighthouse to other Outernet receivers.
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