Dreamcatcher v3.03

Dreamcatcher v3.03
Dreamcatcher v3.03
Dreamcatcher v3.03
Dreamcatcher v3.03

Dreamcatcher v3.03

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  • Resistive touch display
  • WiFi USB dongle
  • 13V/18V bias tee to power external LNB
  • Two microSD slots; secondary microSD for content storage
  • 1 GHz ARM processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Mainline Linux kernel support
  • Dedicated packet reception LED
  • 2.5 PPM high precision TCXO
  • Requires 5v/2A via microUSB power source
  • Dimensions 12 x 11.7 cm (4.7 x 4.6 in)
  • Weight 3 oz (no peripherals)

Kit Includes:

  • One Dreamcatcher v3.03 board 
  • QVGA resistive touch display
  • EDUP USB WiFi dongle (Link)
  • Maverick MK1 LNB (use as Ku-band satellite antenna)
  • Female-F to Female-SMA adapter (RG-6 cable *not* included)
  • 6-inch SMA cable

Operating System Links (microSD card *not* included in kit):

Skylark firmware for satellite data/radio reception

Armbian (based on Debian)

You may also review the User Guide developed by one of our customers.

A helpful community of people who are familiar with the Dreamcatcher: http://forums.othernet.is/

Although some assistance can be found on our forums, Othernet provides no direct support for this product. If you are not a tinkerer, hobbyist, or hardware hacker, you may be disappointed with your purchase.


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